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Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (BSB42415)

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  • Gain fundamental skills in marketing analysis and problem-solving
  • Acquire an understanding, and develop foundational knowledge of digital marketing and communication
  • Learn how to apply digital marketing and communication solutions to a business environment

Program Description

The marketing industry is dynamic and fast-evolving and can offer rewarding and exciting opportunities for those looking to play a vital role in any business – combining creativity and strategy to communicate value to consumers.

The CORE units from the Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication are a pre-requisite BSB52415 to the Diploma in Marketing and Communication. The program will provide students with a solid foundation in marketing and communications, and explore how to identify and present digital marketing solutions. By the end of the qualification, students should be empowered with the knowledge to solve marketing and communication problems and develop digital strategies.

In all of our programs, you will build a timetable which combines 6 hours per week of online study and 14 hours per week of in-class study. The online study component includes exercises, discussion forums, and resources to help with assignments and to provide foundational academic and learning skills. In-class study schedules combine the core lecture with foundation skills and PASS classes.
For all course information, view the Program Flyer for sample schedules.

* Schedules may vary. Optional internship can be scheduled outside of class time.

Program Overview

  • Analyse and present research & make a presentation
  • Lead effective workplace relationships
  • Apply digital solutions to work
  • Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry & develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industry
  • Analyse consumer behavior & articulate, present and debate ideas
  • Create digital media user experiences
  • Optimise digital media impact
  • Undertake marketing activities & promote products and services
Course units may be subject to change

Program Length

34 weeks (24 weeks study + 10 weeks scheduled breaks)
20 hours study per week (14 hours in class study + 6 hours online)
Internships are unpaid work hours.

2018 Program Start Dates

Sep 24, Nov 5


Dec 17, 2018 to Jan 11, 2019

Optional Internship Placement

Add a volunteer internship to your program to apply your learning and gain hands on skills. Internships are arranged outside course delivery hours and run between 7–20 hours per week for a minimum of 8 weeks.* Duties may vary and a business dress code will be required. The internship coordinator will visit students regularly at the work place to assess progress and to offer support.

*Internship length varies depending on study location and the needs of the employer.

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