College Students in Class

Admission Information

  • To be admitted to ILSC Business College prospective students must have completed an equivalent of Australia's year 10. For Business programs, a prior working knowledge of a business environment would be useful.
  • All applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English proficiency. If the prospective student fails to meet the minimum admission requirements, neither the institution nor the student can waive the requirements. Please refer to the language requirements chart for individual program language requirements.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old at the commencement of studies.


All students planning to study at ILSC-Australia will require an appropriate visa. The following is general information. Visa regulations are determined by the Immigration Department in Australia and are subject to change. Please verify visa information with the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. Please refer to the following website to determine what type of visa you will need to study at ILSC-Australia: http://www.

Working Holiday Visa

Students who apply for and receive a Working Holiday Visa can study for 17 weeks and can work full-time for a maximum of 6 months for one employer. Students on this visa are responsible for arranging their own heath and travel insurance.

Student Visa

Students applying for a Student Visa must be enrolled for full-time study and submit an electronic confirmation of enrollment from the school, along with the appropriate visa paperwork. On approval from Australian immigration a Student Visa will be issued for the duration of studies, and allows students to get permission to work 20 hours a week, with some restrictions.

Other visas

There are other visas that may allow study options as part of their conditions. Please check with the immigration link above or with the closest embassy or consulate. However, students with focused long term study needs should come on a Student Visa.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way of getting any previous relevant experience – working, training, volunteering, including activities in the community – formally recognised towards a qualification. The RPL process is available to all students.

Applications for RPL must be submitted either before you enrol or during the first term of study. Applications for RPL will only be accepted if:
  • you are enrolled in an approved course; and
  • the appropriate fee has been paid; and
  • the application is made in the first term of study
RPL may be granted if you can provide sufficient evidence that you possess skills and knowledge; and the evidence submitted is relevant and current. RPL exemption only applies to the course you are enrolled in. If you change courses, your RPL will be reviewed to ensure that it is still appropriate. Please review the full Recognition of Prior Learning & Credit Transfer Policy.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer applies if the student holds a Statement of Attainment for a Unit of Competency and this unit can be credited towards the qualification they are enrolled in.

You will need statements of academic achievement to support your request for credit transfer.

Credit Transfer only applies to the course you are enrolled in. If you change courses, your Credit Transfer will be reviewed to ensure that it is still appropriate.

Please review the full Recognition of Prior Learning & Credit Transfer Policy for full details.


All students planning to attend ILSC Business College will be required to participate in an interview in order to determine their suitability for their desired program. For non-native English speakers, the interview will also examine language ability. The interview can be conducted in person, or over the phone.

Language Requirements

International students must demonstrate an upper intermediate level of English by completing our online assessment test and an arranged speaking interview, or by submitting an official test score that meets the minimum requirement for their desired program of study. Please refer to the chart for individual program language requirements.

NOTE : If you do not currently meet the language requirements, please let us know. Our English language programs available through ILSC Language Schools can help prepare you for entry into one of our Business programs.

ILSC Business College IELTS TOEIC ILSC Level
Certificate II in Business BSB20115 4.0 with a
band score
of 4.0
500 with a
score of 200
Certificate II in Customer Engagement BSB20215
Certificate III in Business BSB30115 4.5 with a
band score
of 4.0
525 with a
score of 250
Certificate IV in Business BSB40215 5.0 with a
band score
of 5.0
600 with a
score of 300
Certificate IV in International Trade BSB41115 5.5
with a
band score
of 5.0
with a
score of 350
Diploma of International Business BSB50815
Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51915
Package Programs Please refer to the language level
required for the first program in
your combination


You will be assessed during each unit of your program and given feedback on your progress to make sure you stay on track with your educational goals. Assessment tasks require you to demonstrate that the learning objectives have been achieved. Assessment may include:
  • essays and reports
  • practical exercises and demonstrations in the classroom
  • student oral presentations, creative projects
  • classroom contributions
  • research studies and projects
  • multiple-choice and short-answer tests
  • problem-solving exercises

Support and Accommodation

We offer ongoing support to International Students throughout the application process, and during your study. We can arrange accommodation for you through our homestay program. ILSC also provides career counselling and arranges activities to help students discover their new city.

Student Handbook

For more information about ILSC Business College, including full policies, what to expect, and what's expected of you during your studies, please refer to the ILSC Business College Student Handbook.